A List Of Influential Radio Hosts

So where do you think we would be right now if it weren’t for so many interesting and contentious talk radio hosts? The world would likely not be as intriguing or stimulating as it is now that’s for sure. We would like to take some time now to recognize some of the most influential talk radio hosts of all time and we hope that you will enjoy reading about them.

Rush Limbaugh

This list would never be complete if a talk radio icon like Rush Limbaugh were never mentioned. He gained most of his momentum during the early 1990s and Limbaugh has been quoted as saying, “Obamacare is not about improved health care or cheaper insurance or better treatment or insuring the uninsured, and it never has been about that. It’s about statism. It’s about expanding the government. It’s about control over the population. It is about everything but health care.”

With his controversial conservative views on government policies to supporting the Persian Gulf War, Limbaugh has forever secured his position as a pioneer for talk radio that has escalated him to world-renowned fame.

Howard Stern

Another master of being outspoken and controversial, Howard Stern became significantly recognized in the 1990s much the same as Rush Limbaugh. He has revealed that he wanted to pursue a radio career since age five. Stern has been quoted as saying, “Every time I went on the radio, I would take the crummiest radio station, the station that was like a toilet bowl. I would go on there and build up the ratings, so you couldn’t do any worse.”

Howard Stern is also known for his book entitled Private Parts which was No. 1 on The New York Times Best Seller List and remained on the chart for a total of twenty weeks.

Larry King

It’s unquestionable that Larry King has been an icon in his time as he has had careers in journalism and acting as well as being a comedian, voice artist, radio show and television show host. King hit the national radio scene in 1978 on the Mutual Broadcasting System which aired coast-to-coast. ┬áHe has been quoted as meekly saying, “I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.”

Many will forever recall him as the incredible host of Larry King Live on CNN where he hosted diligently from 1985 to 2010.

Art Bell

Former Coast to Coast AM original host Art Bell began his career as a rock music jockey before moving into talk radio. He first started in 1978 with a late-night Las Vegas show on KDWN which was a political call-in show called West Coast AM – which later underwent a name change to Coast to Coast AM in 1988. Art Bell has been cited as saying, “Fear is a great motivator. Look at what 9-11 has accomplished – My god. It’s slammed the economy, It’s – I can’t even begin to detail all it’s actually done, other than bring down the buildings and hit the Pentagon. It’s stunned the entire nation.”

Art Bell is a firm supporter of current President Barack Obama and has gone on record as completely renouncing the 9-11 conspiracy theories.

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